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Love Captured

Why Newborn Photography?

I fell in love with life, when I was a little girl.

It's always been my favorite thing...

People are definitely a close second, and after that food.

However, when I was introduced to love... that self-less, unconditional, all-consuming, unrelenting love - I became obsessed with it.

I am in awe of the love that causes a man to change everything that he is for the joy of his wife.

I am amazed by the pure sacrifice of life that a mom gives to bring forth, nurture, and protect her child.

I am frozen in admiration when I see the way a daughter looks in her father's eyes.

And my heart quite literally melts as I see the passion that one stranger can have for another.​​​​

So what do I do? I capture Love.

Newborn Photography came out of my quiet time - - banging my head against a wall, writing lists, asking questions, wondering what in the world I should do in this new season of my life and getting no answers. In desperation, I stopped and prayed, and as I closed my eyes it was almost as if it was written in the sky - Newborn Photography.

So, I took a class, borrowed a camera, and began taking pictures.

And the moment I finished editing my first photo something crazy happened...

I began to see every passion I ever had coming together in this new venture - life, love, happiness, education, public health, public policy, adventure, event planning, maternal and child health and education, law, community development, entrepreneurship, literacy, etc. - - all in one tiny photo filled with blank space and a little miracle that I would be so bold as to deem the definition of love.

So, here I am in Los Angeles, California taking pictures of the greatest gifts the world has ever known - love and life.

- Kamilah